How do you perform a Hard Reset on the FL90X?

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Published Date 08/21/2018
How do you perform a Hard Reset on the FL90X?
Performing a Hard Reset on the FL90X using FSData Desktop.

Connect to the FL900 using FSData Desktop and download  the data prior to performing the following steps.

Click on the main FSData Menu:



Next Select "Instrument Tools" under the "Utilities" Sub Header.



You will be presented with 3 options.



Select the "Restore" option first.


You will receive the following message, click restore.


The next step is to re-flash the firmware to the logger. Select "Firmware Update"


Click Update.


Now select "Clear" and click "Check All".


You will be prompted to with the Following Dialogue Box, click yes"

Once this process has been completed, you will need to re-load the program settings to the logger and test the communications.

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