Microbiology Guide: Incubators

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Published Date 01/13/2022
Microbiology Guide: Incubators
Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection; Incubators
From: Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection
  • Culture Incubator
    • Incubator, culture, low profile 110V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2619200)
    • Incubator, culture, low profile 230V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2619202)
  • Portable culture incubator
    • Portable incubator (Catalog Number/Order Code 2569900) includes: portable incubator, power attachment for 12 VDC socket, and instruction manual.
    • Optional accessories
      • Rechargeable 12VDC battery with charger  (Catalog Number/Order Code 2580300)
      • Battery eliminator 115/230V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2968100)
      • Rechargeable 12VDC battery only (Catalog Number/Order Code 2580301)
      • PA bottle rack (Catalog Number/Order Code 2580500)
      • MPN tube rack (Catalog Number/Order Code 2580501)
      • Petri dish rack (Catalog Number/Order Code 2580502)
  • Dri-bath incubator 12 well
    • Incubator, Dri-bath, 120V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2281400)
  • Waterbath incubator
    • Incubator, water bath 110V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2616300)
    • Incubator, water bath 220V (Catalog Number/Order Code 2616302)

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