Microbiology Guide: Sample Collection

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Published Date 01/05/2022
Microbiology Guide: Sample Collection
Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection; Sample Collection.
From: Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection
  • Whirlpak bags
    • Complies with Standard Methods and USEPA for drinking water sample collection. Made from poly resins approved by USDA and FDA for food contact. Sterile (certified), disposable, transparent polyethylene bags with trusted "Whirl-Pak" closure. Suitable for liquid or solid sample collection. "Write-on" surface accepts waterproof ink. 24 oz bag perfect for incubating petri dishes in water bath applications.
    • Sterile, disposable, offered with our without dechlorinating agent
      • Bag, Sterile, with dechlorinating agent 100mL (Catalog Number/Order Code 2075325)
      • Bag, Sterile, with dechlorinating agent 177mL (Catalog Number/Order Code 2075333)
      • Stand up Bag, Sterile, with dechlorinating agent 177mL (Catalog Number/Order Code 2075533)
      • Bag, Sterile, 720mL 1437297(Catalog Number/Order Code 5870024)
      • Bag, Sterile, 207mL pk 100 (Catalog Number/Order Code 2233199)
      • Bag, Sterile, 207mL pk 500 (Catalog Number/Order Code 2233100)
  • Sample Vials
    • 120 mL sterile, hinged-cap vials meet all EPA requirements for microbiology sampling. Collection, incubation, and accurate reading can all be done in the vial without a transfer step. 100 mL raised fill line. Polypropylene.
    • Offered with or without dechlorinating agent
      • PA sterile 120ml sample pk 100  (Catalog Number/Order Code 8888006)
      • Sample vial, 120mL with thiosulfate pk 200  (Catalog Number/Order Code 2634001)

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