Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection

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Published Date 01/13/2022
Microbiology Guide: Media and Equipment Selection
A guide with links to articles to help identifing methods, media, and equipment for microbiological testing.
This media and equipment selection guide is designed to help with acquiring microbiological media and equipment necessary for the methods you perform in a water quality laboratory. Included are media and equipment for monitoring coliforms and heterotrophic bacteria in drinking water, wastewater, recreational waters and beverages.
The guide is organized by methods used in many water quality laboratories: Membrane Filtration (MF), Most Probable Number (MPN or Multiple Tube Fermentation), Presence/Absence (P/A), and Heterotrophic Plate Count (HPC). This guide is not meant to be a comprehensive offering of Hach products, but it does cover the essentials for microbiological laboratory start-up.
The testing categories and flow charts outline the basic steps required for conducting the selected method. Information on equipment and media are organized to follow the flow chart.

Microbiology Guide: Introduction to Aseptic technique
Microbiology Guide: Media Overview
Microbiology Guide: Sample Collection
Microbiology Guide: Sample Dilution and Dilution Water
Microbiology Guide: Incubators
Microbiology Guide: Colony Counters, Microscopes, and Discarding Contaminated Items
Microbiology Guide: Common Accessories
Microbiology Guide: Membrane Filtration (MF) Method
Microbiology Guide: Membrane Filtration (MF) Media
Microbiology Guide: Most Probable Number (MPN) Method
Microbiology Guide: Most Probable Number (MPN) Media
Microbiology Guide: Presence Absence (PA) Method and Media
Microbiology Guide: Other Micro Biology Media (BART, Paddle Testers)
Microbiology Guide: Positive and Negative Controls for Media

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