How is the update procedure for Lico500?

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Published Date 05/15/2018
How is the update procedure for Lico500?
update procedure
On the spare part motherboard is only the internal test program, not the User Program. This is normal because this spare part is also used for DR 3800.

Please follow my procedure and don't copy single files from VAA608 on the USB stick.
  1. Please download the file on your PC and unzip it (all files!) on an empty USB stick.
  2. Plug the prepared USB stick on the DRxxxx, switch the instrument on. Please check that the LED of the USB Stick is flashing.
  3. Now the test program should appear. Touch menu Option, Update, Select DRxxxx.
  4. Touch OK. Now the LED on the USB stick should flash again and the user program will be copied on the instrument.
  5. A message should appear to reboot the instrument. Switch the instrument off, remove the USB stick and switch it on again. Now the user program of the DRxxxx should appear.

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