What are the different error codes for the Insight Software?

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Published Date 02/28/2020
What are the different error codes for the Insight Software?
Insight Error Code List
ERROR 0001
- Error occurred while parsing device identity response Unable to parse the identity response sent by connected device

ERROR 0002
 - Could not open file "Failed to open any one of the following files: phone directory file (phones.dat), report file, remote programming template file, site file, site database file, current status text file, event log file"

ERROR 0003
 - File is not a valid site file The binary header or section block of the site or site database file is corrupt.

ERROR 0004
 - Older file version not supported "Site file or site database file is not version 3, 4, or 5 or header is corrupt for some other reason."

ERROR 0005 
- Need at least 4 points At least four points are required in head flow primary device table and less than four were supplied.

ERROR 0006
 - Current value must be greater than previous Data values entered in head flow table must be ascending

ERROR 0007
 - Xmodem - can't read/write file "Xmodem data transfer failed to open, read, or write temporary file used for transfer"

ERROR 0008
 - Xmodem timeout Xmodem file transfer operation timed out

ERROR 0009
 - Logger is not connected When attempting to communication with a Sigma device either the connection was never established or has been broken.

ERROR 0010
 - Logger is not responding Connection establish but Sigma device not responding to commands

ERROR 0012
 - General Xmodem transfer error "Xmodem transfer failed for some other reason than a timeout or local file operation (like open, read, or write)"

ERROR 0013
 - Error occurred while downloading Failed to download data. Response data not received.

ERROR 0014
 - Unknown primary device The primary device type indicator is corrupted.

ERROR 0015
 - Invalid table Table contains less than four points

ERROR 0018
 - Unknown logger detected Parsed response from logger doesn’t indicate it is a 9xx.

ERROR 0019
 - Requires a primary device Connected flow meter doesn’t have a primary device specified or the site file (or site database file) doesn’t contain a primary device definition.

ERROR 0021
 - No more entries allowed "Unable to add a data directory to the list because the list is full. Or, unable to add a schedule list entry to the schedule list because the list is full."

ERROR 0022
 - No logged channels No logged channels found in site file

ERROR 0024
 - Error initializing modem Modem not acknowledging initialization AT commands or selected/defined init string.

ERROR 0025
 - Modem not responding Modem not dialing or not initializing

ERROR 0026
 - Specified AT command not supported by modem Acknowledgement not received after sending AT command

ERROR 0027
 - Line is Busy Modem connected but currently busy

ERROR 0028
 - No dial tone No dial tone when attempting to dial out

ERROR 0030
 - Need an updated version of InSight Remote programming template version is more recent than the template version supported by this version of Insight.

ERROR 0031
 - Error occurred while programming logger Failed to send program command to rain logger.

ERROR 0032
 - No logged data No data received on download of rain logger.

ERROR 0033
 - Error occurred while printing Failed to print for some unspecified reason

ERROR 0037
 - Must select two channels for scatter plot In order to graph a scatter plot (level vs. velocity) two channels must be selected.

ERROR 0038
 - Schedule already exists at specified time/day Two schedule entries can’t be specified for the same time on the same day

ERROR 0039
 - General COM port failure Serial port not open. Connection broken. Failed to connect to logger of DTU. Failed to send command to logger. Failed to get response from logger.

ERROR 0040
 -The chosen data column width may cause the generated report to over-run the page width "If the user selected data column width is too large, the report format may over run the page width"

ERROR 0041
 - Error occurred during security operation This error message occurs when unexpected communication errors occur during security operations. It is also used in scheduling as an error to tell user that the password they used for auto downloading is incorrect

ERROR 0042
 - "Password must be 8 characters wide, digits 0-9" This error occurs if the user entered password is less than 8 digits or a entered character is not in the range of 0-8

ERROR 0043
 - Top and Bottom dimensions must not be equal! This error occurs if the same length for the bottom and top widths of a trapezoidal channel are entered

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