How can I track a nitrification event?

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Published Date 12/07/2021
How can I track a nitrification event?
Information on nitrification events, how to track
The problem most commonly associated with chloramination is nitrification. With time and under favorable conditions, a series of reactions can cause monochloramine to deteriorate resulting in the release of free ammonia, adding more nutrients into the distribution system. Due to the complex nature of the chloramination reactions, operators need to measure for total residual chlorine, monochloramine (indophenol method), free residual chlorine and free ammonia. To produce monochloramine in a 5:1 Cl 2:N ratio, it is common to attempt in achieving less than 0.1 mg/L of free ammonia. Operating at very low free ammonia concentrations makes attention to detail with the indophenol method critical (utilized in both the powder pillow and PPA methods).

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