PIB 37-187 SL1000 + LuminUltra Nitrification Management Kits

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Published Date 10/03/2018
PIB 37-187 SL1000 + LuminUltra Nitrification Management Kits
PIB 37-187 SL1000 + LuminUltra Nitrification Management Kits; US & Canada; Hach lab
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Summer is right around the corner and so are microbial regrowth issues (often linked to nitrification) such as taste and odor complaints, lost residuals, and excessive flushing.  Get ahead of nitrification with a powerful field testing combo solution! 


  • Traditional microbiological tests tend to take 2 or more days to return results and do nothing to reveal nitrifying bacteria
  • LuminUltra’s simple, portable, and rapid microbial monitoring technology not only provides results reflective of 100% of the microbial population, but does so using a simple field test.
  • Reveal and characterize nitrification using the combination of the SL1000 (equipped with appropriate chemkeys: Total Cl, Free Ammonia, Nitrite, and Monochloramine) and LuminUltra’s QGA analysis to drive immediate corrective action.
  • The two tests, when performed in parallel in the field produce actionable results in roughly 10 min.


SL1000 & PhotonMaster Complete Kit
The combination of the SL1000 and LuminUltra’s 2nd Generation ATP monitoring technology empowers field technicians to reveal the onset of nitrification, assess its severity, and trace it up the line to find the source.  Overall, it represents new and powerful capabilities to optimize maintenance programs, and in doing so, minimize customer complaints, taste & odor issues, and other byproducts of distribution system regrowth.

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