Amtax sc Ammonium Analyzer Resource library

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Published Date 11/04/2019
Amtax sc Ammonium Analyzer Resource library
Hach's Amtax sc digital on-site analyser with gas selective electrode is designed for the high precision determination of ammonium concentration directly at the tank.
Product Information
The Amtax sc analyser offers a high degree of accuracy due to selective GSE instrumentation and needs only minimal supervision thanks to automatic cleaning and calibration & self diagnosis. It is available with a weather proof housing for outdoor setup or optional with a transparent door for indoor setup. The Amtax sc can be connected to a SC200 (power box required) or a SC1000 controller to provide versatile output options including 4-20 mA Output, Modbus RS485, Profibus, or Hart.

Datasheets (multilingual)
User Manuals (multilingual)
Addendum—Operation with the SC1500 Controller

PROGNOSYS for Amtax sc
Amtax sc - Optimal Results

Application Notes
Successful aeration control based on NH4 measurement (EU)
Aeration control with Amtax sc (EU)
Hach 5500sc AMC vs. SWAN/Amtax combo (US)

Engineering Resources
Technical Datasheets Amtax sc (multilingual)
Technical Datasheet: sc Sensor Cable (without plug and coupling)

CSI Specs
Tender Text
Transmittal Drawings

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