How are Analyzer Logs downloaded to an SD card on the 5500 Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer?

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How are Analyzer Logs downloaded to an SD card on the 5500 Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer?
Downloading Complete Analyzer Logs to SD card
Downloading the log files allows you to read all saved data, including Event Logs, measurement data (including analysis curves), calibration history, and service part schedules. 
A formatted (FAT32) SD card, 512 MB or larger, is required.  The card does not need to be empty; just ensure that about 512 MB of card space is available.  
1. Insert the SD card into the card slot, with the card bevel rear and bottom, contacts facing left.
2. Go to [Menu] / SD Card Setup / [Enter].
3. Select Work with Devices, then press [Enter].
4. Select Read Device Files, then press [Enter].
5. “Analyzer xxx Selected. Press  to Continue” will be displayed.  Press [Enter].
6. The display will show:
Read Device Files:
     Sensor Diag
     Cal History 
     Cal Data
     Test Script
     Service Part
     Service History
Note: All check boxes will be selected by default.  If you do not want to download a category, scroll to the listing, then press [<] to deselect it.
7. Press [Enter].  The display will show “Downloading Files”; this will require a few seconds, up to a minute or two, to complete.
8. Press [Enter] to exit.  
9. Select “Save Logs”, then press [Enter].
10. “ Analyzer xxx” will appear on the display.  Press [Enter].
11. Select “All”, then press [Enter].  
12. “Push the check mark  to Begin Log Files Transfer” will be displayed.  Press [Enter].
13. “Transferring Files, Please Wait” will be displayed.  Complete download may require a few seconds, up to about a minute, depending on the amount of data.  
14. “Transfer Complete, Press the check mark  to Exit” will be displayed. Press [Enter], then remove the SD card. 

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