Nitratax Nitrate Sensor Resource Library

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Published Date 05/25/2022
Nitratax Nitrate Sensor Resource Library
Hach's Nitratax Family includes digital, optical probes for the high precision determination of nitrate concentration directly in the medium. Featuring a high degree of accuracy due to direct UV measurement, without cross sensitivities, Nitratax Nitrate Sensors are ideally suited to statutory limit value monitoring.
Product Information
The low maintenance, reagent-free optical sensors offer a broad application spectrum, thanks to turbidity compensation and self-cleaning even for sludge applications. There are three different Nitratax versions available dependent on the customer's needs: Nitratax plus sc, Nitratax eco sc and Nitratax clear sc.

Datasheets (multilingual)
User Manuals (multilingual)
User Instructions: Nitratax sc Addendum documentation - Operation with the SC1500 Controller_DOC273.98.90596

PROGNOSYS for Nitratax (multilingual)

Application Notes

Engineering Resources:
CSI Specs
Nitratax plus sc
Nitratax eco/clear sc
RTC105 NDN module

Tender text
Nitratax sc Nitrate Sensor Dimensional Drawings


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