BioTector Oxygen Concentrator (for use with Instrument air)

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Published Date 05/15/2019
BioTector Oxygen Concentrator (for use with Instrument air)
The BioTector Oxygen Concentrators are used to supply air to the BioTector range of TN and TP analyzers.
Product Information
This Oxygen Concentrator can only be used with the following BioTector analyzers - B7000 TOC/TN, B7000 TOC/TP and B7000 TOC/TN/TP

Oxygen Concentrator which uses Instrument air on site

19-OGS-101 - PSA Oxygen Concentrator. 115V 50-60Hz
19-OGS-102 - PSA Oxygen Concentrator. 230V 50-60Hz

The Oxygen concentartors cannot be used for B7000i, B7000i Dairy, B3500ul, B3500c, B3500s, B3500dw and B3500e analyzers and any Hazardous Area application.

Please note that the oxygen concentrators above require an instrument air supply that is water (<-20C dew point), oil and dust free. 

If the air available is not of this standard, then a Filter pack is required

For Safe Area installation please quote 10-SMC-001 - BioTector Filter Pack 
For ATEX Zone 2 and Class 1 Div 2 Hazardous Area installtions please quote 19-SMX-002 - Filter Pack for Ex Systems

For a replacement Guage for the above Filter Pack please quote 12-SMC-013 - Guage for SMC Filter Pack
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