PIB 37-163 LCW632 Manganese (cyanide-free reagent)

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Published Date 10/03/2018
PIB 37-163 LCW632 Manganese (cyanide-free reagent)
PIB 37-163 LCW632 Manganese (cyanide-free reagent); EU Only; Hach Lab
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Product Launch


Product launch of LCW632 Manganese Liquid Reagent Test. The reagents are cyanide-free.

  • Product launch of LCW632 Manganese Liquid Reagent Test
  • Cyanide-free reagent - no handling and disposal of hazardous chemistry 
  • Ultra low range 0.005 to 0.70 mg/L - allows very accurate and sensitive testing
  • Ready-to use reagents – no need for frequent mixing or creation of reagents
  • Method requires the use of 50mm cuvettes (LZP341 plastic cuvettes recommended)
  • DR instruments might require a software update (see FAQ)


Manganese is a frequently tested parameter in raw water, drinking water and mineral water. 
The World Health Organization (WHO) has established a provisional guideline value for manganese of 0.5 mg/L. This guideline is provisional because there is just limited evidence of a potential hazard. Manganese is one of a small group of chemicals that reaches an undesirable level due to taste, odor, or color before it becomes a health hazard. This is the reason why the regulatory limit for manganese is at 0.05mg/L.
Whereas larger environmental laboratories usually analyze manganese in water samples with ICP or AAS, most laboratories do not have according equipment available and use photometric methods for the analysis on-site.
User of photometric test kits often complain that the reagents contain hazardous cyanide and that the sensitivity of the photometric method is not sufficient to detect concentrations in the range of the regulatory limit or below.
HACHs new, cyanide-free LCW632 has a detection limit of 0.005 mg/L and is the perfect solution for laboratories that want to switch to greener chemistries without reducing ease-of use and performance of their existing method.
Features & Benefits LCW632
Key Benefits of LCW632 Manganese (cyanide-free reagent)
Product Feature Benefit
Cyanide-free reagents No handling and disposal of hazardous chemistry
Ultra Low Range (0.005 – 0.7 mg/L Mn) Detection limit is 10 times lower than regulatory limits which allows very sensitive and accurate testing. 
Ready-to use chemistry Ease-of use - no need for frequent mixing and creation of reagents
The LCW632 can be evaluated on the following HACH instruments
  • DR2800, DR3800, DR3900, DR5000, DR6000 
Required accessory:
The method requires the use of 50mm cuvettes. We recommend LZP341 plastic cuvettes
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