BioTector Vacuum Sampler

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Published Date 07/25/2022
BioTector Vacuum Sampler
The Vacuum Sampler is designed to bring samples up from a depth of 6 meters, with a maximum horizontal distance of 40 meters, and to provide the BioTector with a sample at atmospheric pressure.
Product Information
The Vacuum Sampler can be used as a gravity filtration system, where sand and other hard particles, which may be in the sample, are allowed to settle in the sampling chamber before the BioTector takes its sample.

The Vacuum Sampler, when used with the BioTector TOC analyzer has 3 general modes of operation. These modes are made by hardwiring inputs into the PLC used to control the Vacuum Sampler.

This Vacuum Sampler can be used with the following BioTector analyzers - B7000i, B7000i Dairy, B7000 TN, B7000 TN/TP and B7000 TP
Dimensions of product are 700mm x 550mm x 250mm

The Vacuum sampler can transport samples maximum 40 meters with a 6 meter lift

Ordering codes available
19-PCS-009 - Vacuum Sampler, 1 Stream, Single Output
19-PCS-010 - Vacuum Sampler, 1 Stream, Hot Water Wash

19-PCS-209 - Vacuum Sampler, 2 Stream, Single Output
19-PCS-210 - Vacuum Sampler, 2 Stream, Hot Water Wash

15 meters of tubing is provided with the Vacuum Sampler, if more is required the ordering code is
10-PNU-006 - Natural Nylon tube, 3/8" OD x 1/4"ID

See the below articles for more information on Vacuum sampler wiring
How is the Vacuum sampler wired into a BioTector analzyer

The BioTector Vacuum Sampler cannot be used with B3500ul, B3500c, B3500s, B3500dw and B3500e analyzers and any Hazardous Area application.

Vacuum Sampler M3 200 Manual Oct 2017
BioTector Vacuum Sampler Specifications_R002
Vacuum Sampler Drawing
M010. BioTector Vacuum Sampler Service Sheet

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