BioTector Venturi Sampler

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Published Date 07/25/2022
BioTector Venturi Sampler
The BioTector Venturi Sampler is a self contained, self cleaning sampling system which uses wash back by air and water every cycle.
Product Information
This Venturi Sampler can be used with the following BioTector analyzers - B7000i, B7000i Dairy, B7000 TN, B7000 TN/TP and B7000 TP
Dimensions of product are 2010mm x 390mm x 160mm

The Venturi sampler can transport samples maximum 80meters with a 7 meter lift

Ordering codes available
19-BAS-001 - Single stream venturi driven vacuum sampler
19-BAS-002 - Two stream venturi driven vacuum sampler
19-BAS-003 - Three stream venturi driven vacuum sampler
19-BAS-004 - Four stream venturi driven vacuum sampler
19-BAS-006 - Six stream venturi driven vacuum sampler

Tubing for the Venturi needs to be ordered as a separte line and is sold per meter
10-SCA-009 -  PTFE Tube 9.53 * 12.70

 The Venturi Sampler must be ordered with the analzyer as the connections for the Venturi sampler are installed into the BioTector analyzer.  Note for multi stream application the streams are built as standard onto the Venturi sampler and not in the BioTector

The BioTector Venturi Sampler cannot be used with B3500ul, B3500c, B3500s, B3500dw and B3500e analyzers and any Hazardous Area application.
What is the max. distance between BioTector Venturi Sampler and sample catch point?

Venturi Sampler M3 1-6 stream V503 Oct 17
BioTector Venturi Sampler Specifications_R010
M001h. BioTector Venturi Sampler Commissioning and Startup

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