What are the Median Filters for the Flo-Dar?

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Published Date 10/25/2018
What are the Median Filters for the Flo-Dar?
Understanding the Median Filter programming parameters for the Flo-Dar sensor.
  1. Median Filters
    • Median Filters are designed to smooth out data by removing bad data points.  The Filter has an array with as many data points as the value in the Median Filter box.  If the number is 5, then it saves the last 5 data points.  It ranks them in numerical order, and the velocity that is used for that read is the median (middle) value.  Since spikes and drop outs will get moved to the top or bottom of the array, they will not show up in the data until 3 similar readings occur. 
    • The Median Filters work the same way for Velocity and Level.  Both have a default value of 5.

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