BioTector Compressor

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Published Date 07/25/2022
BioTector Compressor
The BioTector Compressor is used to supply air to the BioTector range of TOC analzyers when no instrument air is available on site to work with the Integrated Oxygen Concentrator fitted as standard.
Product Information
This Compressor can be used with the following BioTector analyzers - B7000i, B7000i Dairy, B3500ul, B3500c, B3500s, B3500dw and B3500e
Ordering codes available
19-COM-160 - BioTector Compressor 115V / 60Hz
19-COM-250 - BioTector Compressor 230V / 50Hz

The BioTector Compressor cannot be used for TOC/TN, TOC/TP, TOC/TN/TP analyzers and any Hazardous Area application.


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