PIB 37-148 2100Q IS Product Hold

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Document ID PIB19

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Published Date 10/03/2018
PIB 37-148 2100Q IS Product Hold
PIB 37-148 2100Q IS Product Hold; Hach Lab; Global
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Product Change/Update/Other
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Effective immediately, Hach is issuing a product hold on all 2100Q IS portable turbidimeter shipments (2100QIS01, 2100QIS01USB, 2100QIS01USBK) due to manufacturing constraints. The 2100Q EPA model is not affected (2100Q01). We will communicate an update in the coming months.


  • In the meantime, consider switching to the EPA version of the portable 2100Q or one of the ISO versions of our new laboratory turbidimeters (TL23 and TU5200)

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