PIB 37-147 Ganimede P/N Design Changes to Meet New RoHS Requirements

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Published Date 10/03/2018
PIB 37-147 Ganimede P/N Design Changes to Meet New RoHS Requirements
PIB 37-147 Ganimede P/N Design Changes to Meet New RoHS Requirements; Hach Lab; EU Only
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In April of 2017, we implemented a brand change to “Hach” on the Ganimede P/N Analytical Unit LPG401 and the Control Unit LQG135 (also known as Lachat IL500). We also implemented some design changes (electronics and mechanics) on the Control Unit to be RoHS compliant as per latest revisions of the norm. 

  • Product design change of Ganimede to “Hach” visual brand language.
  • Ganimede meets the new RoHS II compliance requirements.

                Ganimede Control Unit LQG135                                 Ganimede P/N Analytical Unit LPG401
Distributor PIB
On the Ganimede Control Unit LQG135 a change of the display and mainboard was necessary to get the unit RoHS compliant. The new compliant version of the Control Unit can be identified by the new PN LQG135.99.00010 on the type plate.
The change to RoHS compliant version of:
  • Ganimede P Analytical Unit LPG401 was implemented within SN 1726594 on April 26. 2017
  • Ganimede N Analytical Unit LPG401 was implemented within SN 1723333 on April 12. 2017
  • Ganimede Control Unit LQG135 was implemented within SN 1726601 on April 26. 2017 

During the RoHS compliance redesign of electronic and mechanical hardware, we also changed the branding of the Ganimede from Dr. Lange to Hach.

  • Inform customers about the product design change to Hach visual brand language.
  • Inform customers that the equipment meets the new RoHS compliance regulations.
-PRODUCT TABLE—There are new service parts (LCD-Graphic display and Processor board) available for this new RoHS compliant version of the Control unit LQG135 as shown in the following table:
New Service Parts for RoHS redesign version of the control unit LQG135
Part Number Description Other Information
YAB195 Processor PCBA Redesign version
YAB206 LCD-Graphic display Redesign version
The new service parts are not backwards compatible to the non-RoHS version.
The old LCD graphic display LZV366 is obsolete due to unavailability of this electronic part on the market. The old processor PCBA will be also obsolete soon. 
Old and obsolete Service Parts for non RoHS version of the control unit LQG135
Part Number Description Other Information
LZV366 LCD-Graphic display old version, obsolete
YAB864 Processor PCBA old version
Due to the high price of the old service parts and the additional labor cost for repair it is more valuable for the customer to offer him in case of defect Control Unit a buy-in option for a new RoHS compliant Control Unit with a 30% discount. Please inform the responsible Sales manager.

-TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Frequently asked questions
Q.    When were these changes introduced?
A.    The change was introduced in April 2017.
Q.  Can an old Ganimede control unit be repaired with the new electronic parts?
A.    No, it’s not possible due to incompatibility of the new parts.
Q.    Is there still some stock of old electronics?
A.    Yes, but limited quantity which will possibly not be available for another 5 years.
Q.    What should I tell customers if an old Control Unit cannot be repaired because of obsolete service parts?
A.    Inform Sales support and offer a new Control Unit with a 30% discount.
-INTERNAL SUPPORT: Contact Hach International at intl@hach.com
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-INTERNAL CONTACTS: Readers should direct questions about this PIB to
Location of recipients Contact Function Email
EU/ROW Technical Support Technical Support techsupport-eu@hach.com
Global Juergen Moeller-Kemsa Product Manager Juergen.moeller-kemsa@hach.com
International Distributors Contact your sales support person. 

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