How is the pump standby activated for a Lachat FIA system?

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How is the pump standby activated for a Lachat FIA system?
Instructions to enable pump standby.
In order to use the pump standby feature the pump must be connected to the Lachat QC8500 via a pump standby cable. The pump must also be placed in “Normal run” mode by pressing the NORMAL RUN button on the pump keypad. If the pump is in Manual Run mode the standby feature will be disabled. One can test the pump standby feature within Instrument Configuration. From Configuration in the tool bar at the top of the Omnion window choose Instruments… and then the Pumps tab. The Set Standby button will change the pump to standby speed if the pump is properly connected and in the Normal run mode. The pump will slow down significantly and the pump display will show rC 3 if it has received the standby command.

To enable standby parameters are defined within each .omn run file, the Pump Standby Active box in the screen capture below needs to be checked for the pump standby to slow down the pump after the run is over.

The Pump Idle before Standby (Seconds) parameter defines how long after a run has finished before the pump goes to standby. This can be left at 0.0 so that the pump goes to standby immediately after a run. 

Alternatively, if a system is run frequently and one only wants the pump to go to standby after a specific amount of time has passed, a value can be entered. For example, if a value of 300 seconds is defined for Pump Idle before Standby, the software will wait five minutes before putting the pump on standby speed. If another run is started before five minutes have passed, the pump will not go to standby.

The Pump at speed before analysis (Seconds) parameter defines how long the pump will run prior to starting the first sample. This can be left at 0.0 so that the run starts immediately. 

If the pump is on standby when the run is started it can take some time for the baseline to stabilize. If, for example, a value of 180 seconds is defined for Pump at speed before analysis, the software will put the pump on normal speed and wait three minutes before starting the first sample.


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