What do you do if the Rain Gauge reads zero rain during a rain event?

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Published Date 11/07/2017
What do you do if the Rain Gauge reads zero rain during a rain event?
Troubleshooting a Rain Gauge that reads zero rain during a rain event
  1. Examine the location:
    • Is something blocking the rain from getting to the Rain Gauge?
    • Did someone/something move the Rain Gauge?
  2. The funnel may be plugged
    • If there is water in the funnel, it is definitely plugged.
    • Even if there is no water check the funnel.  There could be debris collected there.  Remove the debris if found.
  3. Check the Level Device inside the base of the Rain Gauge.  If it is not level (if the Bubble on the Level Device is not in the circle), the rain may not be hitting the Tipper. 
    • Adjust the three screws on the base of the Rain Gauge so the Bubble is in the circle of the Level Device.
  4. If all of the physical things check out good, then connect to the Rain Gauge and perform a Tip Test
  5. If all of these check out good, then consider one of the following:
    • The Rain Gauge read wrong during the rain event, but has now recovered.
    • Although there was a rain event in the area, there was no rain at this particular site.


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