How do you test that the Rain Gauge’s Tip mechanism is working?

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Published Date 11/07/2017
How do you test that the Rain Gauge’s Tip mechanism is working?
Performing a Tip Test on the Sigma Rain Gauge.
  1. Connect the Rain Gauge to the FL900.
  2. Connect a computer to the FL900
  3. Set the Rain Gauge to take a reading every minute.
  4. Remove the funnel from the top of the Rain Gauge.
  5. Watch the data.  Wait for a reading of 0.00". Make sure there is plenty of time before the next reading (>20 seconds).
  6. Slowly push (tip) the Tipping Bucket of the rain gauge.
    • Push the Tipper 10 times (five times in each direction).
    • Do this slowly (about one tip per second).
  7. Then watch for the next reading.  It should read 0.10"
  8. If it does, the Rain Gauge is reading correctly.
  9. If it reads 0.07" to 0.09", repeat the test.  It may read correct with another try.  If not, either the Rain Gauge or the FL900 is not working properly.
  10. If it reads 0.00" repeatedly, then either the Rain Gauge of the FL900 is defective.
    • If possible, try a different Rain Gauge or Logger to troubleshoot which is bad. 


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