What are the replacement parts for the AT1000/KF1000?

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Published Date 09/06/2018
What are the replacement parts for the AT1000/KF1000?
Replacement parts list for the AT1000/KF1000.
All of the replacement parts are listed in the user manuals:

Titralab AT1000 Series Automatic Titrators - Page 51
TitraLab KF1000 series workstations - Page 51

These tables include the following items:

Syringes, Oring for syringes, beakers, delivery tubing with anti diffusion tip, tubing for syringe and pumps, bottle stoppers, titrant/reagent bottles, desiccant tubing, conical adapters, tube fittings, pump cassette, stoppers for KF cell, stir bars, tube holder, sample leveling pump, propeller stirrer, power supply and cable, RS232 adabter, syring protection cover, electro-valve, sensor storage tubes, and the RS232 cable for connecting to a balance.

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