How do you check that the FL900 is calling in correctly?

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Published Date 01/13/2022
How do you check that the FL900 is calling in correctly?
Verifying that the FL900 is calling the FSData Online Server correctly using FSData Desktop.
  1. After you have connected to the FL900, click on the “Communications” button at the top (between “General Settings” and “Sensors.”
  2. Below “SMS Service Center,” is a button that says “Modem Diagnostics.”  Click on it.
  3. A page will come up.  At the bottom right is a button that says, “Call Server.”  Click on it.  This initiates a call to the Server.  A call takes 60-120 seconds.
    • This is called a “Tamper Call.”
  4. The status of the call will be followed with items such as:  Starting call to server, Initializing modem, connecting to the internet, etc.  The last item will be “Call successful” or “Call failed.”
  5. If the call failed, see one of the following
  6. If the call is successful, it is recommended that you set the Primary Call Interval to 5 minutes and wait for the FL900 to make a call successfully.  Sometimes, the FL900 will make a successful Tamper Call, but fail to make a regular call.
  7. If the Call is successful, change the Primary Call Interval back to the value you desire.  You are finished.
  8. If the regular call fails, see item 5 above.

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