How is the TU5200 software updated?

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How is the TU5200 software updated?
TU5200 software update procedures
After downloading the software update the TU5200 can be updated with the following procedures.
  1. Unzip the file. Do not further unzip the "tu5200.tar.gz" file. 
  2. Copy the files "tu5200.tar.gz" and "tu5200_version" to a USB memory stick.
  3. Start the TU5200 and wait until the "Main Menu" is displayed.
  4. Connect the USB memory stick to the USB interface of your TU5200 .
  5. Select "Diagnostics" in the main menu
  6. Select "Instrument Update"
  7. Select "OK"
  8. Wait until the update has been completed, this takes several minutes.
  9. Shut down the TU5200 , wait 10 seconds and restart.
  10. The software version can be verified by following the instructions here

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