What is the proper procedure for connecting a laptop/PC to a FLO-STATION controller?

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Published Date 10/16/2017
What is the proper procedure for connecting a laptop/PC to a FLO-STATION controller?
Connecting a laptop/PC to a FLO-STATION controller.
Prior to connecting your laptop/PC to the FLO-STATION, ensure that you have FLOWARE 4 and the appropriate sensor file driver installed.  Refer to " What Software do I need to connect my computer to a FLO-STATION controller".

Note: Because most laptops no longer have a serial connection, the use of a USB/SERIAL adapter may be needed to connect a laptop to the FLO-STATION controller.  When using a USB/Serial adapter for the first time on a laptop, the adapters file driver must be installed on the computer.  To download the most recent software and file drivers, visit: https://www.hachflow.com/flow-data-software/software_download.cfm
  1. Connect the cable between the computers USB or Serial port and the FLO-STATION serial port located on the front cover display.
  2. Open FLOWARE by double clicking on the FLOWARE icon. 
  3. Position your cursor over FLO-DAR or FLO-TOTE 3 and then slide your cursor over and left click on "COMMUNICATIONS"  
Note:  The FLO-STATION is capable of operating either a FLO-DAR/SVS sensor or a TOTE 3 submerged AV sensor but the two use separate file drivers.  When connecting to the FLO-STATION make sure you are choosing the file driver for the connected sensor you have.
  1. Click on READ SETUP


At this point the SITE ID and parameter boxes should populate with the site information which indicates you are now connected with the FLO-STATION controller.

If the SITE ID remains blank or you get an ERROR CODE, please refer to " What are the FLO-STATION communication error codes?" and " What is the proper way to troubleshoot Flo-Station communication errors?".


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