What is the startup Self Test on the FH950?

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Published Date 10/17/2017
What is the startup Self Test on the FH950?
Startup Self Test on the FH950
The self test on the FH950 can be done using the following steps:
  1. Push the Power button until an audible beep is heard.
  2. The meter does a self test and the display shows the results. If the meter fails the self-test, the display shows FAIL next to the failed parameter. If the sensor fails, attach a different sensor if available.
  3. When the self test is complete, push OK to go to the Main Menu.
  4. To de-energize the meter, push the power button again. In the Confirmation screen, select Yes and push OK. If the portable meter becomes unresponsive, push and hold the power button for more than 3 seconds to force the power off.
NOTE: Do not force off the power in normal operation or when the file access icon is visible.

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