What is the proper way to charge the battery for the FH950?

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Published Date 10/17/2017
What is the proper way to charge the battery for the FH950?
FH950 Battery Charging

To charge the battery for the FH950, make sure that the correct plug-type for the geographic location is installed on the wall charger.

Note: Battery charger substitution is not permitted. Use only the charger specified in the list of parts and accessories for the instrument. Refer to Replacement parts and accessories on page 29 of the manual (located HERE). A lithium ion battery in the meter supplies power to both the meter and the sensor. Install and charge the battery before the instrument is used.

A full battery charge will supply power to the system for approximately 10–11 hours with constant use. When the level of battery charge drops to 3.4 V or less, the display shows a warning and the meter automatically powers off. The battery must be charged before the unit becomes functional again.

1. Connect the round end of the charger cable to the power jack of the portable meter. Refer to Figure 3 on page 8 (of the manual located HERE).

2. Connect the wall charger plug to a power outlet.

A blue light shows around the charge port while the battery charges. When the charge process is complete, the blue light goes off. A discharged battery gets a full charge in about 8 hours.

Note: The meter is not operational while the battery charges. The battery does not charge through the USB cable connection.

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