What is the Wet/Dry Threshold setting?

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Published Date 09/30/2017
What is the Wet/Dry Threshold setting?
FH950 Wet/Dry Threshold
Wet/Dry Threshold
The wet/dry threshold is the trigger point for the meter to know when the sensor is in or out of the water. This information is important because if the meter does not know that the sensor is under the surface of the water, the meter sets the velocity value to zero. For a profile or real-time reading, the meter prompts the user to submerge the sensor in the water. If the specific conductivity of the water being measured is very low, adjust the threshold value for the best performance. Go to Setup Menu>Wet/Dry Threshold.
For troubleshooting, the present reading is used as a guide to set a custom threshold. Get a reading in the water (wet) and then out of the water (dry). The threshold value must be between the wet and dry value. For example, if the actual wet value is 17 and the actual dry value is 2, put in a threshold value half way between 2 and 17. The default value is 20.

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