What is Secondary Call Interval on the FL900?

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Published Date 01/13/2022
What is Secondary Call Interval on the FL900?
Secondary Call interval on the FL900.
  1. See Primary Call Interval on the FL900 for an explanation of the Primary Call Interval.
  2. An alarm can be set on the FL900 that tells it to change the Primary Call interval.
  3. Alarms can be triggered on any parameter.  The most commonly used are: Level, Velocity, Flow and Power Supply.
  4. Example:  Say the Primary Call Interval is set to 1 hour and the Secondary Call Interval is set to 5 minutes.  An alarm could be set on Level, so that if the Level reaches the pipe diameter (the pipe is full), the Logger switches from calling in every hour to calling in every 5 minutes.  After the Level drops, the Loggers switches back to the Primary Call Interval (1 hour in this case).
  5. To do this the Alarm must be properly set.