What is the Primary Call Interval on the FL900?

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Published Date 10/14/2017
What is the Primary Call Interval on the FL900?
Primary Call Interval on the FL900.
The Primary Call Interval is how often the FL900 logger calls in to the server and uploads a data point.
  • The Primary Call Interval ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours.
  • If the Primary Call Interval is set for 1 hour, the logger calls in each hour and uploads one data point to the server. 
  • If the Logging Interval is less than 1 hour (that is, the sensor is taking more than one sample each hour), what happens to the data points that are not uploaded to the server each hour?  At 3 am the FL900 logger makes a “Maintenance Call.”  A Maintenance Call is when the FL900 calls in and uploads ALL the data it has taken since the last Maintenance Call.
  • Be aware that the more often the FL900 calls in the shorter the FL900 battery lifetime.

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