How can a password be reset on the TitraMaster 85 software?

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Published Date 10/03/2018
How can a password be reset on the TitraMaster 85 software?
Password reset on TM85 software
TitraMaster 85 software prompts the user to change their login ID and password every 90 days (Can the interval between password changes on the Radiometer TitraMaster 85 Software be increased?). If the operator is not able to log into the TitraMaster software, it may be that the 90 days has expired. In this case, choose the "change password" option to select a new login ID and password before logging back into the system.

However, if the current login ID and password have been forgotten or the operator is locked out of TitraMaster 85, the only way to get into the software is to replace the database file that stores the user IDs/passwords and start over (Note: results and applications are stored in a separate database, and will not be affected).

The "admin85.mdb" file on the computer needs to be replaced with the "admin85.mdb" file that is found on the original installation CD for TitraMaster. The operator should be logged into the computer at an administrator level to replace this file.

The existing "admin85.mdb" file is found in the "TM85" folder on the computer ("program files" >> "Radiometer Analytical SAS" >> "TM85"). The same folder structure is found on the TM85 installation CD-ROM. From the CD drag/copy the "admin85.mdb" file into the "TM85" folder on the computer. When asked if the existing file should be replaced, select "yes". Replacing this file will delete the current users and their logins and passwords.  (Note, if the software version of TM85 is V5.2.1 or newer, the "admin85.mdb" file is in a different location on the computer ("ProgramData" >> "Radiometer Analytical SAS" >> "TM85").  The ProgramData folder may be a "hidden" folder on the computer.  See the following link if help is needed to view hidden folders on a computer:

The first time TM85 is opened after replacing this file, the initial login will be "default" for the login and "password" for the password, and then the operator will need to "change password" to a more personalized option (minimum 6 characters each). If there are multiple users and passwords for TM85, they will all need to be created again.

NOTE: If there are any problems after replacing this file, such as a different login window opening (example: a message referring to "MS Jet"), the operator should check the "Properties" of the admin85.mdb file that was just replaced. Occasionally, this file has been replaced with "read-only" properties. In the "properties" window for this file, make sure the "read-only" box is NOT checked.

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