What kind of batteries do the MP meters use?

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Published Date 10/09/2018
What kind of batteries do the MP meters use?
MP-4, MP-6, and MP-6P batteries
The MP-4 Portable Meter (Product # HMP4), the MP-6 Portable Meter (Product # HMP6), and the MP-6p Portable Meter (Product # HMP6P) all use a 9V battery (Product # 5795).

Please see instructions below on how to replace the battery:
1. Dry the meter completely.
2. Remove the four screws from the base of the meter.
3. Open the meter carefully.
4. Take care to detach the battery from the circuit board.
5. Replace the battery with a new 9V alkaline battery.
6. Replace the bottom housing, ensuring that the sealing gasket is installed in the groove of the top half of the case.
7. Replace the screws; tighten evenly and securely. Do not over tighten.

Note: All data stored in memory and all calibration settings are protected during power loss or battery replacement. Loss of time and date can occur, however, if the battery is removed for more than 3 minutes (180 seconds).

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