Why has the HQd meter stopped storing measurements?

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Published Date 09/19/2018
Why has the HQd meter stopped storing measurements?
HQd meter stopped storing data
HQd meters should automatically store data each time a sample is measured in the Press to Read Mode or Interval mode. Data should also be stored in continuous mode when Store is pressed.

If the HQd meter is not storing data as it normally should:
  1. Verify the time and date are set correctly on the meter. If they are not, unplug all of the probes from the meter and turn the meter off removing it completely from it's power source (battery, power cord, or both). Reinstall the power source, turn the meter on, and then set the time and date correctly. After the time and date have been set, plug the probes back into the meter.
  2. Verify that the software version on the meter is up to date, if it is not, perform the update. See: How is a software upgrade performed on an HQd meter?
  3. If, after performing the above steps, the problem persists, contact Hach Technical Support 800.227.4224 to arrange repair for the meter.

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