How do you replace the Flo-Tote3’s desiccant?

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How do you replace the Flo-Tote3’s desiccant?
Flo-Tote3 desiccant replacement procedure.
  1. Use a slight twisting motion to twist the bottom end-cap until its slots align with the retaining clips.
  2. Gently remove the end cap by grasping it and pulling it straight out.
  3. Pour the desiccant beads out of the canister.
  4. Hold the canister up to the light and inspect the hydrophobic filter.
    • If you see a small, dim light spot while looking through the hole, the filter is in good condition. If you see a bright light spot, the filter is probably torn. Replace the filter.
    • If the desiccant beads were completely saturated with water or the filter has saturated with water or grease, replace the filter following the procedure found here
  1. Refill the canister tube with yellow desiccant beads (Catalog Number/ Order Code 8755500). Inspect the O-ring (Catalog Number/ Order Code 5252) on the bottom cap for cracking, pits, or evidence of leakage. Replace if necessary.
    • Note: Applying O-ring grease to new or dry O-rings improves the ease of insertion, sealing, and life span of the O-ring.
  2. Make sure that the O-ring is clean and free of dirt or debris before replacing the end cap.
  3. Reinstall the end cap.

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