How do you replace the Flo-Tote3 sensor hydrophobic filter?

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Published Date 08/11/2017
How do you replace the Flo-Tote3 sensor hydrophobic filter?
Flo-Tote3 sensor hydrophobic filter replacement procedure.
  1. Disconnect the tubing from the top of the desiccant canister.
  2. Unscrew the hex-head tubing nipple from the top of the canister and discard the old filter.
  3. Discard any remnants of Teflon tape from the nipple threads. Apply two turns of Teflon tape
    (Catalog Number/ Order Code 10854-45) to the threads, pulling the tape into the threads until it conforms to the shape of the threads.
  4. Place a new filter over the hole. Make sure that the smooth side of the filter faces the inside of the canister.
  5. Place the threaded nipple on top of the filter.
  6. With slight pressure, press the filter into the hole with the nipple threads and begin threading the nipple into the hole.
    The filter will deflect upward and feed completely into the thread until it disappears. The filter must rotate with the
    nipple as it is threaded into the cap. If it does not, it is torn. Start over with a new filter.
  7. Inspect the installation. In the upper cap, a small, dim light spot should be visible when held up to the light. A
    bright spot indicates a torn filter. Start over with a new filter. 

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