How can you maximize the battery life of an FL900?

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Published Date 07/31/2017
How can you maximize the battery life of an FL900?
Maximizing FL900 battery life.
  1. The length of time the FL900 will last depends on programming settings, what sensors are being used, what the Signal Strength is for the modem (how close the cell tower is), and environmental conditions (especially ambient temperature).
  2. Program settings
    • The more often the FL900 calls in (a short Calling Interval) the shorter the FL900 lifetime.
    • The more often the sensor attached to the FL900 takes a reading (a short Logging Interval) the shorter the FL900 lifetime.
  3. Different sensors use different amounts of power.  A Flo-Dar uses a relatively large amount of current and the SubAV, Flo-Tote and rain gauges use less.           
  4. The Signal Strength (SS) has an effect on the battery life time.  A good SS is between -50 and -90 dB.  A poor SS is -100 to -113 dB.  The lowest possible SS is -113.  If there is a poor SS calls take longer which reduces the battery life.
  5. Environmental conditions especially temperature can decrease the battery life.
  6. Examine your needs. 
    • How often do you need the Logger to call in?  The Calling Interval ranges from 5 minutes to 24 hours.  The shorter the Calling Interval the shorter the battery life. Note: All the data downloads each night at 3 am anyway.
    • How often do you need to take data?  The Logging Interval ranges from 1 minute to 1 hour.  The lower the Logging Interval, the shorter the battery life.
  7. A FL900 can run on different battery configurations:
    • 2 internal (lantern) batteries
    • 4 internal (lantern) batteries
    • 4 internal (lantern) batteries, plus an external (long life) battery. Using an external battery will approximately triple your battery lifetime.  For example, if your logger lasts 3 months with 4 internal batteries, it will last about 9 months when a long life battery is added.

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