What is the proper way to store a solid state Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)?

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Published Date 09/20/2018
What is the proper way to store a solid state Ion Selective Electrode (ISE)?
Storage of solid state ISEs.
Not all ISEs are solid state. Please review What are the types of ISE electrodes? to identify if a probe is solid state or not.
For non-solid state ISEs the following articles may be helpful:
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All solid state electrodes should be stored dry. All solid state combination electrodes have an internal electrolyte that is limited and non-replaceable. Because of this storage in any solution (even standard) can cause an accelerated and often excessive loss of electrolyte. This can significantly reduce the life of the electrode. Symptoms of excessive loss of electrolyte is a large offset, which can lead to calibration failure and longer stabilization time. During calibration the later standards can have a longer stabilization time than the previous standards which can cause those points to "lock in" before the reading is stable. Prematurely locking in on the standard can cause slope issues and failed calibrations.

Probes that have failed due to improper storage are not covered under warranty.

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