How much turbidity can the Lachat methods handle?

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How much turbidity can the Lachat methods handle?
Lachat turbid samples
Lachat does not have a "set limit" for turbidity that we recommend before filtering samples. Consider the following:
- Turbid samples can clog the injection valve and filaments can get stuck in the flow cell.
- Turbid samples should typically be filtered. Care needs to be taken with ammonia samples as filtering can introduce contamination.
- If the valve does get clogged or something gets stuck in the flowcell, 1 M HCl or 1 M NaOH can be pumped through the manifold.
- If turbidity does not cause clogs but does reach the detector, it can possibly cause a positive response as the turbidity scatters light. Turbid samples may be analyzed without the color reagent to determine if there is a significant response. If there is, the results can be subtracted from the results with the color reagent.
- In some cases, it may be possible to analyze by dialysis. Dialysis methods are not typically EPA accepted.

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