Does Hach deionized water have bacteria in it?

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Published Date 07/24/2018
Does Hach deionized water have bacteria in it?
Bacterial load in Hach DI water
Deionized Water, 500 mL (Product # 27248) and Water, Deionized, 4 L (Product #  27256) are not tested for the presence of bacteria. Neither product is made in a controlled environment or with sterile materials, therefore it is possible that a bacterial load would be detected in the product. Butterfield's Buffered Phosphate, 90 and 450 mL (Product # 2319109 and 2319145) and Magnesium Chloride/Potassium Phosphate Buffer, 99 mL, pk/25 (Product # 1430598) are all made in a class 6 clean room and sterility is checked.

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