What does U-Sonic Failure Mean on a Sigma 950?

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Published Date 06/23/2017
What does U-Sonic Failure Mean on a Sigma 950?
What a U-Sonic Failure means on a Sigma 950.
  1. When the Black Bar at the bottom of the Display Screen or in the event log shows U Sonic Failure, there is no signal from the Ultra Sonic Transducer to the meter.
  2. Main causes for this is are: transducer is not connected, cut or broken cables, change in temperature, inability to read new calibrated level, or a bad sensor.
  3. To troubleshoot, check cabling for kinks or cuts. Make sure the transducer is plugged in. Make sure the temperatures at the motoring point are not fluctuating. Recalibrate the unit.      

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