Does Hach carry any temperature sensors that can be used with different meters?

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Published Date 09/20/2018
Does Hach carry any temperature sensors that can be used with different meters?
Compatibility of temperature sensors.
Hach does have some stand alone temperature sensors. However there are two variables to consider if a temperature sensor would be compatible with a meter.
First is the connector. There are several different types of connectors for temperature sensors on analog meters. Hach does carry temperature sensors with different connectors. If the connector on the meter is digital, proprietary to the model, then a temperature sensor may not be available that would connect to the meter.
Second is the resistance setting of the meter. Even if a temperature sensor with the same connector that the meter has can be identified, it's possible that the thermister component of the sensor does not have the same resistance settings as the temperature sensors that the meter is set up to use. The way that temperature sensors work is that a change in temperature leads to a change in resistance which is measured by the thermister and communicated to the meter. Different thermisters will have a different change in resistance per °C change in temperature, and have a set resistance at 25°C. So if the probe and the meter aren't set to the same settings the probe will measure correctly, but the meter wont display the correct temperature based on the data provided by the probe.
Because of it is not possible to guarantee that any temperature sensor would be compatible with a meter other than the one it's designed to be used with.

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