How Does the Flo-Tote 3 Sensor Measure Level?

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How Does the Flo-Tote 3 Sensor Measure Level?
Flo-Tote 3 Level Measurement Theory of Operation.
A pressure transducer is used to measure the level of the water. The transducer is an electronic device which uses a thin diaphragm to convert pressure to an electronic signal. The level transducer is located
inside the sensor. The cross channel (located on the bottom of the sensor) allow water pressure to reach the transducer, while at the same time protecting the fragile diaphragm from damage. An air tube, running through the entire length of the sensor cable, enables the transducer to measure the air pressure. This is needed because, to measure the water pressure, the air pressure must be cancelled out. The air tube (called the APR tube)needs to be protected from water, which can damage the transducer. A desiccant cartridge, which blocks water but passes air, is placed on the end of the APR tube (at the APR port) for protection. 


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