How Do You Perform the 2D Velocity Profile Method?

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How Do You Perform the 2D Velocity Profile Method?
Performing the 2D Velocity Profile Method.
To profile the flow:
1. Find the center line of the flow.
2. Find vertical velocity lines (VVL) that are halfway between the center line and the
side walls of the pipe. Use the widest part of the flow.
3. Measure the velocity at a minimum of 7 different depths along the center line.
4. Measure the velocity along the VVL at different depths. The distance between these
depths should be the same as those on the center line.
5. Measure the velocity at the right and left corners of the flow.
6. Examine the data for any outliers. An outlier will fall outside of the best fit curve
region if a graph were made of the velocity profile.
7. Calculate the average velocity (except outliers) of all measurements (except outliers).
Remember to include the corner measurements. 


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