Water Information Management Solutions (WIMS) Resource Library

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Published Date 01/11/2022
Water Information Management Solutions (WIMS) Resource Library
The Water Information Management Solutions (WIMS) Library provides information about WIMS software and applications from Hach.
Product Information

                                   WIMS Water Information Management Solution


Data Sheets:


  • Video: How to transfer Mobile Sensor Management (MSM) into WIMS

Case Studies and Application Notes:

  • Click here : Managing Chemical cost by finding optimal alum usage
  • Click here : Managing Aeration energy usage
  • Click here : Real time estimationof BOD
  • Click here : Leveraging Data to optimize operations and manage budgetary pressure
  • Click here: WIMS offers a winning solution in Columbia, SC
  • Click here: Making a business case for Data Management - Gastonia, NC
  • Click here: Hach saves Winston Salem/Forsyth County Utilities Division with WIMS
  • Click here : WIMS helps Colorado WWTP reduce annual operating expenses
  • Click here : Lean Water operations: Control the cost and pricing of water while improving efficiency
  • Click here : Tucson Power Electric

Application Seminars:

  • Click here : Managing data in your WTP (WIMS)
  • Click here : Managing critical data in the Small WWTP Laboratory


  • Click here:  Enabling Lean Operations: Transforming data into Information
  • Click here :Turning data into knowledge: Water Information Management Systems
  • Click here :Hach WIMS and RTC; Transforming data into Knowledge into a better performing plant
  • Click here :Data Management with WIMS - presented at Maine Water Utilities Conference - February 2018

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