Are there instructions for adding a user program to a DR1900?

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Published Date 10/09/2019
Are there instructions for adding a user program to a DR1900?
DR1900 user program
Follow these steps to add a user program to the DR1900 Portable Spectrophotometer:
  1. Determine the optimal wavelength for the program being added.
  2. Measure the absorbance of each reacted standard.
    1. To get to single wavelength mode and set the wavelength, go to Settings (wrench button) > Photometer Functions > Single Wavelength > Options > %T/Abs/Conc > Abs. Then select Options > Advanced Options and enter the wavelength in nm.
  3. Read the absorbance for each standard concentration and record the readings manually.
  4. From Home screen, choose Settings > Favorites/User Programs > User Programs > Options > New Program.
  5. Select a program number, name, single wavelength, concentration units, wavelength in nm, resolution, enter in a chemical formula, and select calibration as enter values.
  6. Enter in the calibration values using the standard concentrations and absorbance values manually recorded in step 3.
  7. Select Exit once the concentration and absorbance values are entered, and select Store.
The new user program should now be located within the User Program menu. 

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