What is the pass/fail criteria for the auto calibration on the 5500sc AMC analyzer?

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Published Date 01/06/2022
What is the pass/fail criteria for the auto calibration on the 5500sc AMC analyzer?
5500sc AMC analyzer calibration pass/fail criteria

1.  The AMC analyzer will accept a calibration only if the average Zero reading for each cell is < 100 ppb.  The average Slope for each sample much be >0.90 and <1.10. 

2.  In the Calibration Data display, the four lines for Slope and Zero under 'Active Cal Result' are for the calibration the analyzer is currently running.  The numbers will always be valid; they do not get updated following a failed calibration attempt. 

3.  The data displayed under 'Last Cal' represents the results of the latest calibration attempt.  If successful, the data under 'Active Cal Result' is updated also.  If the calibration attempt fails, then the 'Last Cal' data can be used to troubleshoot which cell(s) failed, and which standard(s), and by what degree of error.   

4.  If a calibration attempt fails, the analyzer keeps running with the previous cal instead.  If the analyzer attempts a calibration and finds the standards out of tolerance, it simply throws away the bad results and starts a countdown to the next scheduled calibration attempt. 

5.  The last good calibration data is never overwritten except on successful completion of a new calibration or with the 'Reset Default Cal' function in the Calibration menu.  'Reset Defaults' in the System Setup menu will erase all other user settings, but it does not overwrite Cal History data or the time/date setting. 

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