Why is the FL900 failing to call into the FSData website?

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Published Date 06/26/2017
Why is the FL900 failing to call into the FSData website?
FL900 troubleshooting when not calling FSData website using Flo-Ware.
  1. You will need an SVC code, which is obtained from Hach and is unique to your project.
  2. You will need the Server IP address:
  3. You will need to get the FL900 serial number added to your project.  This can be done by Hach Flow Tech Support.  Call them at 800 368 2723 ext 6063.
  4. If you have all this correct and the logger still won't call in, then check the antenna:
    • Is the cord damaged?
    • Gently tug on the cable near the connector to the FL900 Port.  Is this loose or does it come apart?  If so the antenna is bad.  Replace the antenna.
    • Next, remove the connector and examine the connector and the Port for corrosion or water.  If there is corrosion, try cleaning both the connector and the Port with WD40 (or something similar) and a brush.  Reconnect the antenna cable and see if the logger calls in.
    • Is the antenna buried too deep in the ground or pavement?  It should be only 0.5" to 1" deep in dirt and less than that in pavement.
  5. Next, in Flo-Ware click on the Diagnostics tab on the left side.  Then click on "Modem."  Then click on "Call Server" at the bottom right.  The progress of the call will be displayed.
    1. If the logger only gets to "Initializing Modem" and then the call fails, the modem may be bad.  The logger must be sent in to Hach for Service.
    2. If it gets to "Connecting to Internet" and then the call fails:
      • There is no cell service or poor cell service.  Check the Signal Strength in the middle right of the Modem Diagnostics box.  If it less than -110 this could be the problem.
      • The Antenna Port or the antenna may be bad.  See #4 above.
    3. If you get to "Connecting to Server" and the call still fails, it is likely #1 or #3 above.
    4. If you get to "Successfully Completed Call," but the logger will not successfully make a call on its own, Clear the logger (see "Clear all data, events and alarms from the FL900") and Re-Flash the FL900 firmware (see "Re-Flashing the Firmware on an FL900").  Then set the Primary Call Interval to 5 minutes and wait till it calls in.
    5. If the logger still does not call in, it will need to be sent in for repair. 

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