What is the proper procedure for changing a Long Life (External) Battery on an FL900?

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What is the proper procedure for changing a Long Life (External) Battery on an FL900?
Changing the Long Life (External) Battery on an FL900.
  1. Remove the Long Life Battery Cap from the battery tube.  Rotate it counter-clockwise.
  2. Disconnect the Cap from the battery by pressing release lever on connector and gently pulling on Cap wires.
  3. Examine the connector for problems: corrosion, loose wires, etc. 
  4. If the Cap connector has corrosion, you may be able to clean it with alcohol or WD40
  5. If the Cap has loose wires, try and re-insert them into the connector.
  6. If steps 4 & 5 do not solve the problem, the Cap will need to be replaced.
  7. Remove the battery.  The battery is heavy (17 lbs).
  8. Check the inside the Long Life Battery tube for moisture.  If moisture is present, wipe it dry.
  9. Re-insert the new battery into the tube.
  10. Connect the battery to the Cap with the connector.
  11. Put the Cap back on and turn it clockwise until it is tight.
  12. Unplug the cable that is connected to the Aux Port of the FL900 Logger.
  13. Examine the connector on the cable and the Aux Port on the logger for any damage, water, etc.
  14. Dry out any water or moisture.  If connector is damaged, the Cap must be replaced must be replaced.  If the Aux Port is damaged, it will need to be sent to Hach Service for repairs.
  15. Reconnect the cable connector to the Aux Port.
  16. Replacement part numbers:
    • Battery: 11000701
    • Long Life Battery Cap:  800018701

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