Why won’t Flo-Ware on my computer talk to the FL900?

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Published Date 03/13/2018
Why won’t Flo-Ware on my computer talk to the FL900?
Troubleshooting FL900 to computer (with Flo-Ware) communication problems.
  1. Verify the FL900 has power.  Check the batteries, AC power or solar panel power.
  2. If you are using the USB port on your computer, remove the USB connector from the computer and re-insert it into the USB port.  Try another USB port.
  3. Reboot the logger:   Remove power.  Wait 5 seconds.  Reconnect power to the logger (the reboot takes 3-4 minutes).
  4. If your cable is an FL900 to laptop cable with an RS232 and a “Serial to USB converter,” you may need a proper Serial to USB converter as all types do not work.  We recommend the Sewell SW-1314 (Hach p/n 6249200, or you can order it directly from Sewell).
  5. If you have an RS232 cable, verify the baud rate is the same on the FL900 and Flo-Ware.
  6. The Device Driver may be corrupt.  Reinstall it:
    1. Go to Control Panel >> Device Manager >> Ports >> FL-9XX
    2. Click on it.  Does it say, “Device is not working properly?”
    3. Either way, reinstall the driver.  See What software is used to access an FL900 flow sensor? in the section titled “Downloading Flo-Ware.”  You only need to download the Driver.
  7. The logger may have a faulty .  If so, it will need to be sent back for repair.
  8. If you cannot communicate with the FL900, call the Hach Flow Tech Support Line at 800-368-2723 ext 6063 or email us at FlowTechSupport@hach.com. 

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